Francesco (1987, Bari, Italy) is a Bologna/Milan-based photojournalist he graduated in 2013 from the CFP BAUER photography school in Milan.
His work is focused on the concept of the individual and community. The images are the symbol of a collective identity, a starting point from which approach the different characteristics that make up a group of people. Each project analyzes similarities and differences through a form of visual storytelling. Today his work examines in depth the changes in what surrounds us, ranging from issues related to the new challenges that will characterize our future, to those concerning the environment and the adaptation of the human condition.

During the Covid-19 pandemic he founded and curated the collective COVISIONI : 40 photographers from each Italian region were invited to talk about the change in human relations for one year during the pandemic .
The COVISIONI project: has become a book of 400 copies and a collective exhibition at the SIFest 2021 Festival in Savignano sul Rubicone.

Represented by CONTRASTO Agency

His works have been published by, L’Espresso, La Repubblica, IoDonna, The Washington Post, D-La Repubblica, Newsweek China, MIND, Vanity Fair, ID Italia, Internazionale, PH Museum, Il Reportage, Corriere della Sera, Perimetero , Artribune, National Geographic, Nature, Il Fotografo, Focus Germany, Der spiegel, NZZ Magazin, Donna Moderna, L’Essenziale, Rider, Rolling Stone.

His projects have received national and international awards and were exhibited in numerous festivals.

Prima Visione | Galleria Bel Vedere 2014, represented Mariuccia Stiffoni Ponchielli

Exhibition at SiFest 2021: COVISIONI: ”Workers” curated by Jana Liskova

Exhibition at SiFest 2021: 241 Metri curated by Jana Liskova

Artistic residence SiFest curated by Mario Beltrambini

Exhibition at Wageningen University and Research 2023: Future Food curated by Simone Ritzer

Exhibition at Yeast Photo Festival 2022: Future Food curated by Edda Fahrenhorst

Publication of book COVISIONI: 2022 – 400 copies

Exhibition at PhMuseumDAY 2022: Curated by PhMuseum LAB

Exhibition at Kranj Foto Fest Slovenia 2022

Exhibition at Verzasca Foto Svizzera 2022

Exhibition at JipFest Jakarta 2022

Talk at SiFest Summer Photo 2022: talk about Future Food 

Talk at Food 2023 Bologna: talk about Future Food