Everybody wants to come back

With the beginning of the tourist economy and the consequent economic and social changes, the history of nowadays Riccione begins. ‘’Let’s begin by debunking the belief that Riccione’s development began in the Fascist era, we must go back further in time.’’

This is how each story begins of all the women and men who have laid down brooms, brushes and tools to tell the story of their bathhouse, proud above all to present the latest heir. Like Mrs. Leda of Bagni98, who together with her son Fabrizio and granddaughter Virginia, is now the fifth generation, speaks about her grandfather and of the times when there were only three “tents” on the entire beach.

A few steps further on, the manager of Bagni99 Rina, explains the reason behind the name “tent” that was then replaced with the more common term “Ombrelloni” (umbrellas) . They were simply fishing nets placed on the beach to dry that helped to shelter from the sun and later gave the idea of how to build small structures for the first vacationers. A few years later, tourist guides, advertising posters, postcards, the press and “Luce films” would familiarise the general public of Italians with the image of a town that had completely changed and had now become one of the major seaside resorts in Europe.

Today Riccione is ready to start again: 134 bathing establishments, 380 hotels and 140 bars and restaurants are all open. A city, as always, completely open to welcome visitors. In these hours, the activities are preparing with great ferment to welcome the tourism that has solid roots in each of its inhabitants.